Available Services

Our specialists are available for:

  • Thermal Conductivity Testing

  • HDPE Fusion Training

  • Mud School – Drilling Fluids Training

  • Geothermal Well Field Design Assistance

  • Geothermal Well Field Header Fabrication

  • Custom HDPE Piping Fabrication

  • On-site Drilling Assistance

  • Radiant Heating Design Assistance

  • Radiant Heating Control Board Fabrication

services and assistance

We continually adapt our services to meet the needs of our customers, both installing contractors and end users. Whether you are installing radiant floor heating, a geothermal system or drilling in any application, we are here to assist you when problems arise. We have the technical knowledge of the products, the experience of working with them, and superior vendor lines to assist you with any issue that you may experience.

For the Design Professional
We provide thermal conductivity testing for commercial projects. This may include installation of a geothermal test well, if necessary.

For the Installing Contractor
We provide assistance in layout, design, technical assistance and troubleshooting for radiant floor heating installations and geothermal heating/cooling installations.

We provide technical assistance for drilling products, both horizontal and vertical.

We offer in-field drilling assistance to support all of your tooling or mud issues.

We will pre-assemble and deliver your header to the jobsite to make the on-site assembly quick and dependable.

We provide assistance for determining the proper application of the products we supply.

For the End User
We can provide heating and cooling calculations for your facility. Provide assistance in the layout and design for your Radiant Floor Heating and Geothermal Systems. We can also help you find a qualified contractor for your installation.