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Geothermal Materials > Formation Conductivity Testing Trailer

The ReBearth FTC Trailer is available exclusively from ReBearth Products, Inc. This trailer is designed and custom built based on years of experience performing Geothermal Formation Conductivity Testing (FTC). The Trailer is a self contained unit that provides everything you need to perform Formation Conductivity Testing. The Purchase of the trailer also comes with Software to product professional test reporting.

Trailer Features:

  • 5’ x 8’ custom built enclosed trailer
  • Gasoline generator with external fuel tank
  • Steel cage rear door for on-site security
  • Side ventilation doors with supply and exhaust fans
  • Interior lighting (120V and 12V)
  • Spare Tire
  • Tool box
  • Data loggers and report generation options available
  • Pricing includes training in Truro, IA on setting up test, tearing down test, and software usage
  • Trailer customization is available.